Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation
For over 10 years we’ve been helping families and individuals with the leading heat pump installations in Auckland. There are many heat pump installation companies in Auckland, and your choices may seem overwhelming. We clear through the confusion and help you locate only the top Auckland heat pump specialists.
We are experienced in helping you find the right heat pump provider and specialist.

Getting a System Installed

  • If radiators are to be used, will they operate at a reasonably low temperature?
  • If under-floor heating has been specified, is it to the best low-temperature design practical?
  • Can a solid, tile floor be used instead of wood finish?
  • Is is worth specifying an ENERGY STAR rated heat pump?
  • Is the heat pump as close as practical to the hot-water cylinder
  • Are pipe runs in non-heated areas insulated adequately?
  • Is the ground source situated in the best area of your land?
  • Are radiator pipe-runs sufficient in diameter for water flow?
  • Have any unnecessary mixing valves been specified?
  • If a secondary return hot-water loop has been specified, are the pipes well insulated
  • Is a secondary pumped-return system (to taps) really necessary?
  • Is the heat pump too big (It is usually much smaller than a boiler.)
  • Is it too small? Will it need too much back-up heating?
  • Do you use a lot of hot water and like a very warm house? Will the heat pump cope?
  • Has noise been considered with respect to the living-rooms and bedrooms? Although some early installations may be suffered certain shortcomings, heat pumps Auckland installers are now more than aware of potential pitfalls and invariably avoid them.

We pride ourselves on helping you make the right decision for you heat pump installation.
Use our free Heat Pumps Auckland Installer Tool to find a leading heat pump or air-conditioning installer in Auckland, based on you specific installation requirements. Picking the right heat pump installer is the first step to ensuring your heating and cooling requirements are met.

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If you have got to this point and think that a heat pump is for you, your next step will be to find a suitable installer. However, different companies can offer you very different solutions, so it is worth getting more than one opinion. Unfortunately, sifting out your best option from these may involve a considerable amount of thought, but we hope to make this process a lot easier for you by connecting you with reputable local Auckland installers. In this instance we believe that the saying ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ doesn’t apply, since the better informed you are, the less likely you are to go wrong.

How to Find an Installer

Over the first decade of the century, NZ saw a steady tightening of regulations relating to heating installations. Whilst electricity and gas have always been tightly controlled, unusual methods like heat pumps tended to slip the net since there were no established training schemes available and no specific standards.

Most customers would like an installer that is able to install the most suitable system for them, with least disruption and at a reasonable cost. They would also expect good customer support for the odd case where things go wrong.

Local companies or companies with a local representative are usually those with the best follow-up support. Individual recommendation can be the best way to vet an installer; however, one would expect and hope any accredited company to offer a good service.

Find a good installer is one thing, but since most installers tend to align themselves with one manufacturer, you also need to know if the product that they offer is ideally suited to your situation. For example, some manufacturer’s equipment link-in well with a boiler, others will not; some have simple controls, others are more sophisticated. The make of product may, therefore, be the most important factor to consider.

Our best advice here is to submit an enquiry with our service and we will put you in contact with only approved and accredited local Auckland heat pump installers. You then need to see which one matches your needs best. If you happen to have an oil boiler that you want the heat pump to run alongside, then you might find only one of the installers is offering a proper integrated system for this.

It is always worth asking lots of questions, it is always worth getting second opinions and always worth taking to those who have lived with a system.

Another issue is the under-floor heating or radiator circuits. In some circumstances the heat pump would be installed by a completely different company to the installers of the heat-emitter circuits. Whilst there is an onus on the heat pumps installers to ensure that the under-floor is compatible, there can occasionally be issues and conflicts between the two parties. Having one company responsible for the whole system can sometimes have its advantages.

If you are particularly keen to save energy or reduce running costs, then you might like to consider the points on the following list.